juin, 2018


le 27 juin 2018 | Ecrit par Anne

Ananta Kama is proud to exhibit “Extralight” a selection of recent works of famous French Photographer Anne Garde, in its new gallery located in Lhong1919 during the Bangkok Photo Festival.
Her very specific and unmistakable approach of architecture and light through a poetic yet accurate regard on the passage of time find its echo in the walls of Ananta Kama gallery. Heritage building turned to cultural and commercial venue, Lhong1919 is the very place to welcome such a powerful collection of images. In the abandoned spaces and the eerie empty rooms she photographs we can still hear the voices of the human beings who lived or worked there. Sometimes it is just the temporary status of a place Anne Garde will catch. The uncertain in-between is more than a place to be: It is a place to become.

“Extralight” will be the first of a regular program of art exhibitions, where the curator and designer Eric Dutocq will show the works of international and local artists and designers. Different fields shall be explored, mixed and associated all together in those events, from painting and photography to fashion and jewelry.
For Ananta Kama Gallery is a small place, Danshari, the Japanese concept of decluttering, will be the master word of this calendar. We will only propose a selection of few but very meaningful works and offer the public more time to contemplate and experiment the very essence of contemporary art.

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